24Dec 2021
US FDA approved on December 21, 2021, Holy Stone Healthcare’s application for compassionate use of CA102N in phase I clinical trials.
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24Nov 2021
Holy Stone Healthcare submitted an application to the US FDA for compassionate use of its new drug, CA102N, for the treatment of colorectal cancer, in phase I clinical trials.
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12Nov 2021
Holy Stone Healthcare participated in the National Invention and Creation Awards with its patented invention “Mixture of hyaluronic acid for treating and preventing inflammatory bowel disease”.
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Vision & Mission

We are committed to developing lifesaving therapeutics and targeted delivery technologies to improve the quality of life of patients worldwide. Our mission is to create innovative therapeutic products based on hyaluronic acid using our know-how and experience to address unmet clinical needs with superior tolerability and efficacy.


We are focused on development of new drugs and medical devices, especially hyaluronic acid related therapeutic products.