Trans-Mucosal Drug Delivery Technology (TMDD)

Trans-mucosal drug delivery technology is a novel application of hyaluronic acid’s biological, physiological, rheological, and structural properties. By utilizing specific formulations of hyaluronic acid, we have developed products for different indications and with different routes of administration.

TMDD products are targeted to the lesion for controlled release of the drug in the appropriate environment. Besides increasing residence time in the targeted area, overall dose of the drug is decreased, reducing associated side effects. The newly developed drug, IBD98-M, makes full use of the viscoelasticity and mucoadhesive properties of hyaluronic acid, enabling a controlled sustained release of the active ingredient in the targeted area.

This technology is also applied in our medical devices, TRUD, and GAF. TRUD is an enema for treatment for ulcerative colitis and GAF is a gel for anal fissure healing. Both devices exploit that hyaluronic acid is biocompatible, shows no significant side effect, facilitates healing and efficiently induces the remission of inflammation/damage on the target lesion. Both of the products have received CE certificate for Class II medical device.

Mode of Action

  • * Inflamed colon
  • * LMW HA penetration-epithelial restitution of healthy cells
  • * HMW HA coating-protection
  • * Healthy colon restored
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