Hyaluronic Acid Conjugated Drugs, HACD

We have developed a “targeting” treatment based on the fact that hyaluronic acid specifically combines with cell surface receptors, glycoprotein CD44 (cluster of differentiation 44) and RHAMM (receptor for hyaluronan mediated motility), which are highly expressed in certain cancer cells. We then select anti-cancer drugs, and conjugate them with hyaluronic acid. Using hyaluronic acid as a carrier, we develop hyaluronic acid conjugated drugs targeted to cancer cells.
We are developing a new HACD drug, CA102N. Since CD44 receptor is highly expressed on the surface of colorectal cancer cells, with drugs conjugated with hyaluronic acid, we are able to ensure a highly specific delivery of drugs to tumor sites, increasing local drug concentration and inducing cancer cells to apoptosis. This novel receptor-mediated targeted chemotherapy drug is designed for colorectal cancer treatment. We are expecting higher efficacy, lower side effects, and also a reduction in the dosage compared to traditional chemotherapy drugs. previous page