An innovative treatment to relieve the pain and optimise the recovery of TENDON and LIGAMENT injuries.

SportVis contains STABHA™ (Soft Tissue Adapted Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid).

3 approved indications:
-Ankle sprains
-Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

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Q & A
How does SportVis™ work?
SportVis™ main ingredient is STABHA™ (Soft Tissue Adapted Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid).
During the first phase of healing, inflammation at the injury site results in the generation of a fibrin matrix. Due to its high biocompatibility with the soft tissue, SportVis™ interacts with the fibrin matrix.
Moreover SportVis™ helps to limit inflammation, optimises recovery and relieves pain at the injury site.
SportVis™ increases the quality of healing which could be due to the ability to reduce scar tissue formation seen from the decrease in ankle sprain recurrence and strength increase in tennis elbow.
SportVis™ is an effective and efficient method of quantitative and qualitative management of ankle sprains as SportVis™ reduces the time to recovery.
Can SportVis™ be injected directly to the injured tissue?
No. SportVis has to be injected peri-articularly.
FOR ANKLE SPRAINS: How many hours after the injury can the injection of SportVis™ be made? What is the earliest and latest point of intervention?
The injection is best performed within the first 48 hours because of it is at that point that the maximum of fibrin is present but can be given anytime up to about the 8th day post injury if there are still symptoms.
It can be given soon after the injury once it is properly assessed and stabilised (i.e. within 2 hours of the injury).
SportVis™ can still be injected even if the first 48 hours are missed as SportVis™ might still be able to help the patient recover faster and better even if the recommended injection time frame is missed.
The recommended treatment window to complete the treatment is 8-10 days.
FOR ANKLE SPRAINS: Could you specify the place and way of injection?
Injury site is first located and assessed. Injection is done with 1 puncture following 3 phases using anatomical landmarks.
Locate the area of exquisite tenderness – usually anterior to lateral malleolus (sometimes at distal TFL site)
Inject SportVis™ into area of exquisite soreness anterior to CFL using Fanning technique proximally (fibular insertion) to distally (calcaneal insertion) along the lateral malleolus.
A third of SportVis™ content is released into the injury site during withdrawal of the syringe during each of the 3 phases. At the end of the injection process, the syringe should be empty.
In case of injury to another ligament, another syringe of SportVis™ can be administered in sequence of the first injection if required.
More on the Injection technique: see our video on the fanning technique
TFL: Talofibular ligament
CFL: Calcaneo fibular ligament
FOR EPICONDYLITIS: Could you specify the place and way of injection?
Injections were be administered into the soft tissue 1 cm from the lateral epicondyle at the point of greatest pain in two planes using a fanning technique whereby contents were injected on withdrawal of the needle from the point of maximal tenderness in a single puncture.
FOR ROTATOR CUFF TENDINOPATHY: Could you specify the place and way of injection?
We recommend that the physician should use the antero-lateral approach but there are also other ways to injection SportVis™ and will be entirely up to the discretion of the physician.