A product designed to relieve pain and stiffness of the knee joint in patients with degenerative changes to the synovial joint, with proven 12 months efficacy.

RenehaVis contains 2 different Hyaluronic Acids with 2 different concentrations in 1 syringe.

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Q & A
What is the molecular weight and concentration of the two HAs in RenehaVis™?
The first chamber of RenehaVis™ contains: 2.2% of HA of an average molecular weight of 1 million Daltons.
The second chamber of RenehaVis™ contains: 1.0% of HA of an average molecular weight of 2 million Daltons.
Why different molecular weights and concentrations?
All viscosupplementation try to help knee OA patients regain a healthy physiological state of the knee. Low molecular weight HA is known to be able to act as a lubricant in the knee whereas high molecular HA is known for its ability to absorb shocks experienced by the knee.
Low molecular weight HA has 2 other functions:
-Diffuse through the cartilage to protect the chondrocytes (note: a cell which help create endogenous HA and proteoglycans) which are commonly destroyed in knee OA patients. This is often terms as the CAGING EFFECT.
- Diffuse to the synoviocytes at the synovial membrane to activate them. This results in the generation of endogenous HA. This action is known as the MECHANOSENSITIVE EFFECT.
This is why RenehaVis™ has a concentration of low molecular weight HA – to achieve these 3 criteria needed in an OA knee.
The high molecular weight HA is at a lower concentration as it only has 1 function (shock absorber) and it only has to maintain this function whilst the low molecular weight HA acts.
How long does RenehaVis™ last?
The duration of effect in patients with osteoarthritis has been demonstrated to be up to 12 months.
How safe is it?
There were no serious adverse events during the clinical studies.

Non-serious adverse events included pain and local swelling at the injection site, erythema at the injection site and stiffness in the index knee.
What grades of knee OA is RenehaVis™ approved for?
RenehaVis™ can be used for grades 1, 2A and 2B. RenehaVis™ has not been approved for grade 3 knee OA.
Can I use RenehaVis™ for OA at other joints?
The use of RenehaVis™ at other joints has not been approved. Using it at other joints will be an off-label prescription and is at discretion of doctor.