Preclinical Studies of Alzheimer’s Disease New Drug ND108E Was Published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences A Breakthrough Disease-Modifying Drug Offers Hope for Alzheimer's Disease

25, Oct 2023

ND108E, the novel neurodegenerative disease drug developed by Holy Stone Healthcare Co., Ltd., has taken a significant step in the fight against Alzheimer's disease (AD). The potential of ND108E to restore cognitive function and memory in postmenopausal women was published in the October 25, 2023 edition of the "International Journal of Molecular Sciences".


Women are at a higher risk of cognitive impairments and AD, particularly after the menopause, when the estrous cycle becomes irregular and declines. Studies have indicated that estrogen deficiency, especially brain estradiol (E2) level, may play a critical role in AD progression. Therefore, ensuring a stable E2 level in the brain has become a crucial approach in the treatment of AD. ND108E was a new drug of hyaluronic acid–17-estradiol conjugate, that can cross the blood–brain barrier (BBB) and lower the risk of estrogen-supplement-related side effects.


In this publication, postmenopausal cognitive deficit models using ovariohysterectomy (OHE) rats were explored the effects of ND108E treatment on cognitive improvements. ND108E treatment prompted the recovery of cognitive functions such as spatial learning and memory, increased the expression of acetylcholine transferase in the hippocampus by 11%, and enhanced dendritic spine density in pyramidal neurons by 14-18%. These findings suggest the potential of ND108E that may prevent and ameliorate cognitive impairment and AD induced by estrogen deficiency.

ND108E represents a promising development for AD treatment. Further research and collaboration are on the horizon to improve the approach to this neurodegenerative disease, and provide an effective and innovative treatment options for patients in need.


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