Holy Stone Healthcare Received a Silver Award at the National Invention and Creation Awards for Its Patent

12, Nov 2021

Holy Stone Healthcare participated in the National Invention and Creation Awards with its patented invention “Mixture of hyaluronic acid for treating and preventing inflammatory bowel disease”. There were 583 participants in this bi-yearly event that was organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of R.O.C. The award receivers are expected to show novelty, uniqueness, as well as market potential, and patent value.

The C.E.O. of the company, Mr. Albert Wu, was invited to attend the 2021 Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) Joint Award Presentation Ceremony on November 10, receiving a silver medal for the innovation award from the Director of Intellectual Property Office, Ms. Shu-Min Hong. (Photo credit: Shi-How Tsai, Intellectual Property Office)

The awarded patent is a mixture of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights, with its biological activity of enhancing tissue repair to treat the inflammation and ulcers caused by inflammatory bowel disease.  Utilizing the patented technology, the company has developed a new drug with new formulation/new combination, IBD98-M, as well as a medical device, TRUD®. IBD98-M has completed the US FDA Phase IIa clinical trial, while TRUD® has received a CE certificate and has been marketed in the EU since 2016.

Holy Stone Healthcare has successfully developed “Hyaluronan Drug Delivery (HDD)” technology. Based on the HDD platform, the company has also developed “Trans-mucosal Drug Delivery technology (TMDD)”, and “Hyaluronic acid conjugated drugs (HACD)”, which are used in our new drugs IBD98-M and CA102N, as well as our own-brand medical devices, such as TRUD® and GAF. With the current fundamentals, Holy Stone Healthcare will continue developing hyaluronic-acid-related products, dedicated to contributing to the medical and pharmaceutical sector.



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