2019 BIO International Convention

17, Jun 2019

Holy Stone Healthcare Co., Ltd. attended 2019 BIO International Convention in Philadelphia, USA on June 3-6.

During the exhibition, we presented the R&D results of our Hyaluronan Drug Delivery (HDD) platform, as well as our new drugs: IBD98-M, CA102N, and ND108E.

IBD98-M, indicated for the treatment of ulcerative colitis (UC), is a new combination drug containing hyaluronic acid, a ligand of receptor glycoprotein CD44, and 5-aminosalicylic acid, an anti-inflammatory agent. IBD98-M has completed with its phase IIa clinical trial.

CA102N is a novel targeted delivery drug which is designed for colorectal cancer treatment. With our Hyaluronic Acid Conjugated Drugs (HACD) technology, CA102N is able to ensure a high specificity in the delivery of the drug to the tumor. The phase I clinical trial of CA102N is currently on-going.

ND108E is a newly developed drug indicated for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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