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Holy Stone Healthcare Co., Ltd.,

Holy Stone Healthcare Co., Ltd. (4194.TW) was established in Taipei in January 2001. Since 2009, the company has focused on a biopolymer drug delivery platform. Our R&D team has successfully developed “Hyaluronan Drug Delivery (HDD)” technology, which is a composition of hyaluronic acid in combination with a drug. This technology has been applied in the development of our new drug and medical device portfolio.

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Four Applications of HDD Technology

Stage I (2007-present) Using hyaluronic acid to develop injectable medical devices for osteoarthritis and soft tissue injuries, with our own-brand products, RenehaVis™, and SportVis™ being marketed worldwide.

Stage II (2009-present) As well as orthopedics we have also applied HDD technology to other clinical applications with two further own-brand medical devices, TRUD™ and GAF™, launched into the European market.  TRUD™ is a medical device that contains a mixture of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights and is used for the treatment/prevention of ulcerative colitis in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).  GAF™ is a gel for anal fissure healing.

Stage III (2009-present) HDD technology has also been applied in the development of a new drug product which is a tailored combination of hyaluronic acid and an existing drug.  Our product, IBD98-M, is an oral capsule designed for IBD patients and is a mixture of hyaluronic acid and mesalamine.

Stage IV (2013-present) In this latest stage we have developed “Hyaluronic Acid Conjugated Drugs (HACD)” where a drug molecule is conjugated onto the hyaluronic acid polymer.  Using this technology we have developed a new drug product, CA102N, which is a novel receptor targeted chemotherapy designed for cancer treatment.

Group Structure

We are focused on development of new drugs and medical devices, especially hyaluronic acid related therapeutic products. Holy Stone Healthcare, the group’s headquarters, is located in Taiwan and is committed to new-drug development. Holy Stone Healthcare conducts clinical studies on hyaluronic acid based treatments in co-operation with institutes worldwide; and is continuously developing new drugs and new medical devices. Our pilot plant was established in 2012 in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park. It is qualified by the Taiwan FDA (TFDA) for PIC/s GMP. The plant currently manufactures and analyses our new drug, IBD98-M, required for clinical trials as well as other new technologies in drug manufacturing.
MDT Int’l (MDT), established in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2007 is our sales & marketing team in Europe. The team has more than 30 years of experience in the sales of medical devices. Besides channel development, patent application, new drug/medical device registration, MDT also co-operates with institutes worldwide, to conduct clinical studies on hyaluronic acid based treatments. Currently, our own-brand medical devices SportVis™, RenehaVis™, TRUD™, and GAF™ have been granted CE certificates and were marketed respectively in 2008, 2009, 2013, and 2015.
Holy Stone Biotech (HSBT), founded in Norwich, UK in 2012, is the R&D base of the group in Europe. It conducts basic research of hyaluronic acid with institutes in Europe, and also focuses on the development of medical devices applying hyaluronic acid.


Vision & Mission

We are committed to developing lifesaving therapeutics and targeted delivery technologies to improve the quality of life of patients worldwide. Our mission is to create innovative therapeutic products based on hyaluronic acid using our know-how and experience to address unmet clinical needs with superior tolerability and efficacy.