23Jul 2021
Holy Stone Healthcare’s new drug, CA102N, for the treatment of colorectal cancer, has been granted a European Patent by the European Patent Office (EPO)
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10Apr 2021
The study result of “Anticancer activity of CA102N in breast cancer cells in vitro and in vivo” was presented during the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research
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27Nov 2020
Holy Stone Healthcare and Gongwin Biopharm will cooperate in conducting IBD98-M Phase II Clinical Trial in China. Both parties will invest funds and manpower in this case. The remarkable experience of Gongwin Biopharm in conducting clinical trials in China, as well as its vast networks will benefit the planning and conducting of future clinical trials. In addition, both parties will cultivate the licensing opportunities in the Chinese market, in order to create a new blueprint and share the profit.
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Vision & Mission

We are committed to developing lifesaving therapeutics and targeted delivery technologies to improve the quality of life of patients worldwide. Our mission is to create innovative therapeutic products based on hyaluronic acid using our know-how and experience to address unmet clinical needs with superior tolerability and efficacy.


We are focused on development of new drugs and medical devices, especially hyaluronic acid related therapeutic products.